Corporate social responsibility is one of the cornerstones behind what SMINLO does. We believe that how we ship and forward freight can make an enormous difference. It's our job to figure out how and do it better.


We are fully compliant with ISO 14001 in environmental care. This standard requires we establish an environmental management system and tackle our environmental endeavors systemically. This system forms the base of our actions toward mitigating our environmental impact.

We are also conscious of the various impacts freight shipping and forwarding have on the environment. We use our innovations to accurately track our own impact doing vital work for our clients.

Additionally, we’re committed to offsetting as much of our impact as possible. Whether that’s through smarter routes or investments, we want to ensure that our work does not negatively impact the world we all live in.


We offer a flexible, innovative, and safe workplace for all of our employees. Beyond that, we’re also creating a positive work environment where employees can help create and innovate management systems across the company.

We are constantly innovating to deliver the next great thing, and we include all of our employees in that creation process. This promise also applies to diversity initiatives, new programs, and other options to improve our corporate environment.

We’re also actively committed to meeting and exceeding standards such as ISO 45001.

Business Practices

We only partner with organizations with a solid reputation and history of accomplishing the necessary tasks. We want to ensure our clients only have the best experiences when they need freight forwarding services.

Additionally, we’re committed to minimizing our clients’ and contractors’ information security risks. We’re committed to reducing the opportunity for negative impact as much as possible and ensuring the best possible outcome.