Spanning the Globe

Uses for Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is a generally reliable option that is great for transporting goods over long distances. This option is often used for items that ship in larger quantities, such as store goods, but it is not limited exclusively to bulk items.

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The sheer size of a cargo ship makes the trip economical for everyone shipping a container. Often ships can carry over 15,000 containers on each journey, so your portion of the expenses is relatively small.

Considerations with Sea Transport

The downside to sea transport is the speed. Generally, you will need significant lead time to ensure that your goods make it to their destination, get picked up, and then stocked appropriately. While companies can predict the length of journeys, this is not the option if you need to guarantee the arrival on a specific day.

Generally, ship cargo is measured by the container. Since the containers take up the same amount of space whether they are full or less than full, you spend more money to ship a partially full container. Therefore, you may need to factor that into your pricing.


At SMINLO, shipping is one of the primary things we do, and we love helping you. We have contacts with all of the major cargo shippers and will route your cargo along the most expeditious route to your destination. We handle full and less than full containers.

With SMINLO, you always know the status of your container while its on sea transport. We can also help you find a solution for container pickup, delivery, and unloading that matches your needs. As always, we keep an eye on your budget so you don’t need to.