Norbert Barkol As a teamleader I have been working for the company for more than 3 years. I motivate and inspire my team by creating an environment that promotes positive communic

Eva Muzakova I am the head of the air transport department and I have extensive experience in the air transport and logistics industry. During my career I have faced and managed nu

Milan Madliak I am sales manager and my main responsibility is to take care of customers,  monitor level of our service and make our customers satisfied with our service.

Roland Keckes I have over 15 years of experience running logistics operatios and I am on position Central and Eastern Europe manager. I am a graduate of the Faculty of Management a

Miriam Petrasova I am office manager and I have been a part of the company for more than four years. I ensure smooth running of our entire office through managing administrative an

Marian Machalec I am the founder and the CEO of SMINLO. My job is to make sure the company grows in a sustainable and exciting way.  My vision is to build strong team of people wh